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  • Shandong Kangnaxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as one high-tech innovation enterprise works on the research and production of biological polysaccharide, biological macromolecular polymer and other food additives as well as raw materials products of drugs. Its leading products include the Pulullan, biological flocculants (Dextran macromolecules), enzymic preparations (Alkaline xylanase, Alkaline cellulase and alkaline pectinase), sodium hyaluronate, etc. with the annual production of 1,000 tons.

    We own the biological fermentation equipment and extraction refining equipment, the air purifying system and factory conforming to GMP requirements; perfect testing equipment and strict production quality management; All of them control the stability of product quality. Various production technologies are very mature. The technology contents of production process constantly enhance through the long-term technology research and development of company.

    Qualification honor 资质荣誉

    Focus on the food additives production and raw materials products of drugs.

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